Brian’s Beard Improv takes on the Black Box Theatre

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Digital Editor

Brian’s Beard, the improv group from Bakersfield College, performed at the Black Box Theatre on Jan. 30. During the show, the performers acted on improv suggestions given to them by the audience members.

The Black Box Theatre was full of BC students, faculty members, and CSUB students who joined together and enjoyed the mature content provided by Brian’s Beard.

The suggestions given to the performers by the audience varied from the Titanic to WWE and Mucha Lucha. When an audience member shouted out Titanic, Kamala Boeck, a CSUB professor, started to tell a story about a group of middle school students who the school took to see Titanic.

During the performance the actors played roles ranging from romantic partners to a son who came back from the dead and proceeded to disturb his father.

All the funds from the show went straight to the American College Theater Festival (ACTF). BC students were selected to go to Fullerton and participate in the theater festival, according to one of the improv actors.