BC Sports returns for the Spring semester

Bakersfield College’s Men Basketball player during a March 2021 match. BC men’s basketball is one of the sports back after an almost year-long hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicholas Covello, Editor

Fans of Bakersfield College sports can now rejoice, because BC sports is back (albeit with some conditions,) after an almost year-long hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After opting-in to the Spring II sports season and a delayed Spring I season in late Feb., Bakersfield College has started to play sports again, but now they must play without an audience. 

The delayed Spring I sports season consists of sports typically played in the fall. These sports include women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Other notable fall sports such as football, wrestling, women’s soccer, women’s golf, and cross country had also opted to compete, but not enough other schools were able to compete in those sports, which is why Bakersfield College will not be competing in events for these sports, according to BC’s athletic director Reggie Bolton. 

Due to COVID-19, student athletes must go through weekly testing, sometimes more depending on the sport. “Athletes, coaches and staff are tested once a week for outdoor sports. Indoor sports are required to test multiple times a week, depending on how many games are played that week.” Bolton said. “All indoor sports participants are required to test 48 hours before any competition. All tests are administered on campus.” 

In addition to weekly testing, a mask must be always worn by everyone, with the only exception being during game times. Social distancing rules will be enforced, all players must bring their own water bottles, and all required procedures and regulations will be followed according to Brandon Urry, Program Manager of Communications for Renegade Athletics. 

As for student athletes in the fall sports that will not be competing in the Spring I season, they were forced to choose limiting Athletic Opportunity (LAO.) LAO allows teams to participate in two scrimmages, or in the special case for football, 15 days of padded practice with no more than three of those practices involving 50% live contact. 

Fans of Renegade Athletics can view team schedules for the Spring I sports at the official Renegade Athletics website, and the Spring II sports season, which consists of baseball, softball, beach volleyball, men’s golf, swimming, men’s and women’s tennis, and men’s and women’s track and field, will have their sports available on the schedule at a later date. 

While fans are unfortunately not able to watch BC sports in-person, all Renegade fans can watch a livestream of the games on the Renegade Athletics website (GoGades.com) or follow any of the official department social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.