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BC hosts virtual career expo for students

Collin Koch, Reporter

April 1, 2020

Bakersfield College hosted an Industrial Technology and Transportation virtual career expo on April 1 for students interested in the industrial career field.  Various employers from around Kern County had Zoom calls for students to join and ask questions about specific industries. Businesses like Bolthouse Farms, Crown Lift Trucks, US Army and many more were able to connect with the...

Garth Brooks hosts a virtual concert for fans at home

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

March 26, 2020

Country singer Garth Brooks held a virtual concert for fans via Facebook live on March 23.  The music star is one of the many celebrities who has joined the new trend of providing fans live music through multiple social media platforms.  Due to the coronavirus that has forced people to not gather in large groups, in order to contain further contamination, has resulted...

Op-ed: Positive and negative effects of social media

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

March 24, 2020

Social media, and other modern technology, have become a major part of our daily lives. With technology being prevalent, many people have chosen to join social media as a way to keep in touch with friends or follow celebrities. I have been using social media since I was fifteen and it has been a good thing for me to use because it has helped me keep in touch with friend...

BC daily coronavirus update

BC daily coronavirus update

March 19, 2020

Bakersfield College President Sonya Christian hosted a panel of speakers on March 19 to discuss how employees can continue to stay positive during the...

The MC for the Hackathon (Tomono), and the panelists.
From left to right: Kiyoshi Tomono, Raul Gallardo, Rosa Lopez, Kristin Weber, and Brynn Carrigan.

Bakersfield College hosts its 3rd Annual Hackathon

April 8, 2019

The 3rdAnnual Hackathon for 2019 held its kickoff on April 4 in the Levan Center. The room was full to capacity and there was an excitement in the air...

Professor William, Professor Tiner and Professor Ottom discuss how the size of records effected the length of songs.

What length is the right length?

March 25, 2019

Deep Cuts and Conversations was held in the Levan Center at Bakersfield College on Mar. 21. Deep Cuts and Conversation is a discussion where speakers and pr...

Apple products; smaller is better

Franco Castelo, Reporter

December 5, 2018

Apple has impressed the world for over a decade now with their technology and has improved communication and made life easier for the individual. With new products coming out such as the iMac Pro, the iPhone XS and the iPad Pro ii, people have been excited to see what they can get out of these new products and they were not disappointed. Right now, in the market, the two...

ShotSpotter sensors and gunshot diagram shows situational response after gunfire is detected on the technology’s acoustic microphones.

ShotSpotter technology successfully detects gunfire

March 23, 2018

ShotSpotter technology (SST) that was previously installed into some of the high gun-crime neighborhoods or wards in Bakersfield in order to capture gunfire...

Technology: good vs. evil

Technology: good vs. evil

Hugo Jauregui, Reporter

May 7, 2015

What is technology in our day and age? Some would say it's iPhones, touchscreen tablets, laptops, having a phone on your watch, or cars that parallel park...

Aluma Wallet: Not as indestructible as they claim

Gregory D. Cook, Photographer

September 21, 2011

We are over a decade into the 21st century, and what was the science fiction of yesterday is quickly becoming the commonplace of today. While science seems to have fallen behind on its promise of flying cars, the Telebrands company of Fairfield, N. J. claims that the new Aluma Wallet is the 21st century upgrade for the good old-fashioned wallets and billfolds that our grandparents...

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