Garth Brooks hosts a virtual concert for fans at home

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

Country singer Garth Brooks held a virtual concert for fans via Facebook live on March 23. 

The music star is one of the many celebrities who has joined the new trend of providing fans live music through multiple social media platforms. 

Due to the coronavirus that has forced people to not gather in large groups, in order to contain further contamination, has resulted in several event cancellations including concerts. Celebrities who also held live streams included Niall Horan, Swae Lee, James Taylor, John Legend, and more. 

Most music sessions lasted between thirty to forty minutes on either Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter and included song requests from fans in the comment section.

Brooks was accompanied by country singer and wife Trisha Yearwood. The live stream was held in Brook’s Music Studio, also known as “Studio G”. The couple welcomed fans and thanked them for watching the live stream. They advised fans to wash their hands as much as possible and to stay safe. 

Yearwood then suggested a quick warm-up to ease into the session and began singing Steel Drivers “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” as Brooks played the guitar. 

Shortly after the brief warm-up, Brooks’ voice was heard as he sang Don McLean’s “Vincent”. The comment section was growing as fans put in their requests and sent messages of gratitude for the country singers. 

“I think we should all lobby for the Medal of Honor, for our nurses, our doctors, grocery store workers, firemen, the banks, anybody who is staying open and going in harm’s way every day […] Love you and thank you and God bless you,” said Yearwood. 

Brooks said that he had seen the comments previous to the live stream and read the requests surprised at how many were mentioned. He then went on to sing a requested song, Brook’s “Thicker than Blood”.

Both Brooks and Yearwood sang a duet of their song “Whiskey to Wine”. The couple looked into each other’s eyes as they harmonized while singing and Brooks continued to play his guitar. 

Throughout the session, the couple reminisced about when they first started their careers and talked about their love for country music. The duo covered more artists such as Jeff Buckley, James Taylor, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”, and Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. The couple’s cover of shallow was praised by fans in the comments asking for a studio version. 

Brooks and Yearwood ended the live stream with Yearwood singing Amazing Grace and briefly told fans to stay safe and remain positive.