Op-ed: Positive and negative effects of social media

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

Social media, and other modern technology, have become a major part of our daily lives. With technology being prevalent, many people have chosen to join social media as a way to keep in touch with friends or follow celebrities.

I have been using social media since I was fifteen and it has been a good thing for me to use because it has helped me keep in touch with friends.

There are over 7.7 billion people in the world who use social media and Facebook has the highest number of users according to an article on the World Data website.

A lot of people have used different platforms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok and Pinterest as a pass time. 

Users have become more engaged on these platforms by posting interesting pictures or videos of themselves and events that have happened in their lives so that their followers can see.

I have posted many fun events that have happened in my life on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat as a way of sharing them with my friends or family members who follow me. It has been great because my followers can see what I’m doing in my life and stay updated with any event.

Social media can have many positive effects on people when they’re using it daily.

Some of the positive effects social media can have are spreading information faster, can help conduct face-to-face meetings, can help teachers communicate to their students and many other effects according to an article on the ProCon website.

This website also included some of the negative effects that social media can have. For example, it can be used to spread false information, it could also be used for cyberbullying, users can be vulnerable to hackers, and other effects.

Social media can be good, but also bad because users have to learn how to use media platforms appropriately before they make any mistakes that are hard to fix.

I’m always careful with my social media by keeping my accounts private, so random people I don’t know can’t follow me, and to avoid hackers. I only let the people I know personally follow me because I don’t want to meet people on social media.

Also, social media is not a good way to make new friends because people on the media platforms could be hiding their true identities to trick people. A person could be using a fake name and could be posting fake pictures in order to hide their real identity.

Many users have even posed as celebrities to get other users to follow them.

I’ve had random people, pretending to be a celebrity, request to follow me, but I’ve been aware that they were fake accounts because I was already following some of those celebrities. 

People who join any social media platform should always be aware of what they post and what other users may attempt to do.