Bakersfield College now offers a $10 parking permit


Melissa Puryear

PHOTO 1: BC’S southeast parking lot near the football stadium is almost to full capacity by 11 a.m.

Issy Barrientos, Reporter

Every morning, cars encircle the Bakersfield College campus in desperate search for a parking spot. Seconds become minutes, and minutes become the third time someone has been late to class. This is the daily experience of students attending BC’s main campus. BC’s latest initiative aims to provide reduced parking rates. For $10, this semester, students can park in one of 500 parking spots located in the far southwest corner bear Haley Street. Before the addition of the lot, students parked in the residential neighborhood, causing great distress to the homeowners and their families.

Alysa Vasquez, a returning student, is aware of the $10 parking but decided not to buy one the permits. She bought a $30 permit in order to park closer to the school in spots overlooking the stadium and under the solar panels. In order to walk less, one must pay extra. Her thoughts on the location of the $10 permit is that, “it’s a little more convenient even if there is a distance.”

Janmar Cervantes, on the other hand, is a first semester student who was not aware of $10 parking. Even after being told about the cheaper parking permit he said he would only buy a permit if there were more parking spots.

Vasquez echoed this sentiment. She added that, “there is nothing really you can do it,” because there is no more room to add parking spots.

Lydia Contreras, another returning student, said that, “the price of regular parking should stay the same.” While Vasquez has a differing opinion.

The price should change to something in between $20-25. “I understand why they are doing it,” said Cervantes, “because the school needs the money.” He is not against a discount on parking if the person is either disabled or has special needs. The $10 permit lot was once free; however, the administration decided to have a fare for the lot.

The Office of Public Safety was unable to give a statement after repeated attempts.