Whitney Weddell holds barbecue rally at Coral Key Park


Issy Barrientos

Volunteers for Supervisor candidate Whitney Weddell helping to register new voters.

Todd Banker, Reporter

Kern County will hold elections on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. On the ballot is Whitney Weddell (D). Weddell is running to be the next Kern County District 2 Supervisor.

On Saturday, Aug. 25 Weddell and her team canvassed the area of Coral Keys Park to inform the local residents of her campaign and give them an opportunity to meet Weddell and ask questions.

Weddell, a life-long Democrat, will be the only Democrat out of the three other candidates.

Weddell has been involved in politics for 35 years working as a community advocate.

Issy Barrientos
Volunteers for Supervisor candidate Whitney Weddell helping to register new voters.

She has traveled extensively across Kern County since January speaking and answering questions concerning her race for the Kern County District 2 Supervisor spot.

Weddell commented on one of the things that fueled her passion during the 2018 campaign, which is lack of manpower in some areas of Kern County due to the current fiscal crisis.

An absence of authority can cause problems for people living in rural communities in Kern County.

Issy Barrientos
A few of the volunteers at the event eating after notifying people about the barbeque.

lack of manpower is a problem which not only poses a threat to the community but to the officers that protect it.

Some of the problems Weddell brings to light are the closures to some of the sheriff sub-stations such as in Boron, which leaves the community with no law enforcement protection.

In one case, Weddell argued that a deputy was apprehending a shoplifter in a rural area. The incident turned violent, and the officer was fighting for a half hour with the suspect. There was no officer back-up in the vicinity.

Issy Barrientos
A young girl being filmed while she makes a bookmark.

According to Weddell, Other forms of community neglect come from the lack of code compliance in South Taft, Rosemond, Mojave and other rural areas in Kern County.


According to Weddell, the lack of code compliance affects the community because buildings that should be condemned are left empty, untouched and unsafe.

“In some cases, for eleven years,” Weddell said.

Weddell is concerned because these problems are harming the community.

Community home-owners in the area of neglected buildings are burdened because of this situation. Imagine living next door to a dilapidated structure, Weddell implied.

Issy Barrientos
Volunteers set off to go notify neighbors about the barbeque.

As a community advocate, she has been fighting to keep the Kern County Library from being privatized.

Weddell was born in Sacramento and was raised in Bakersfield and attended Bakersfield College in the mid-1980’s.

She graduated from California State University, Bakersfield in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in history.

Weddell is currently teaching economics and government at Nueva High School in Lamont.

Weddell is a strong LBGT advocate and supporter and was a chair for the Bakersfield LGBTQ for 14 years.

According to Weddell, she was inspired to run for office due to the National political situation.

“Be the change you want to see in the community”, said Weddell.

Weddell says she is a progressive voice for the people of Kern County.

In a statement to voters, Weddell voiced “it’s time for a new perspective on government.”