Bakersfield College has annual “Transfer Day” event

Katalina Quintanilla, Reporter

Katalina Quintanilla
Associate Director of Admissions Sara Buswell giving information to a Bakersfield College student.

Bakersfield College held its yearly Transfer Day in the Renegade Crossroads on Sept. 10.

There were 50 colleges and universities providing information to potential transfer students. Not only were representatives from various California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) campuses present, but out-of-state universities and fashion and design colleges attended as well.

The sun was glaring all afternoon but that did not stop BC students to show their enthusiasm. The Renegade Crossroads was crowded with students walking and talking to college recruiters. Excited faces were seen leaving booths with handfuls of pamphlets and college merchandize.

Seanay Singleton, the regional recruiter for the University of Las Vegas, shared some insight being a university out of state.

“We are a WUE, Western Undergraduate Exchange scholarship; it’s solely a merit scholarship so it knocks down tuition a little over 9 grand a year,” said Singleton.

Transfer Day helped students reach out to universities they were unfamiliar with. It gave prospective transfer students the opportunity to see what is available in California but also in the U.S.

Katalina Quintanilla
Karen Ziegler, Associate Adviser for Social Sciences and Education at CSUB, showing BC student Jordan Thomas information on CSUB.

Every booth that was on the Crossroads had excited BC students’ eager and asking questions. The CSUs and the UCs were the popular universities during Transfer Day. CSUB had a road to themselves gaining BC students interest the most.

Sangeetha Jaqan, first-year student said, “I have CSU Bakersfield in mind but now after looking at all the colleges my perspective has changed on admissions.”

Jaqan is planning to transfer next fall in hopes of a business administration degree.

Although CSUB had many BC students at their booth, other CSUs outside of Kern County- particularly colleges with better weather- were populated also.

Second-year student Alec Royal said, “I definitely want to leave Bakersfield. I think everyone wants to get out of this town.”

Royal is an Administration of Justice Major ready to transfer out spring 2019. He was very interested in CSU Chico and other universities outside of the county.

Jennipher Aridas is a freshman at BC and was scoping Transfer Day out for future prospects.

“I want [to go to] San Francisco,” she said.

Even though Aridas has over a year before she can transfer, she was excited to view colleges and plan for her future.

Bakersfield College students ready to start Transfer Day.