The Renegade Rip

Karaoke Knight brings students together

Shawn Collins, Reporter

September 6, 2019

The BC Student Government Association played host to Karaoke Knights in the Levinson Hall on Thursday and, although the turnout was relatively small, there was no shortage of enthusiasm. What the gathering lacked in size, they eventually made up in charisma, as students stood up to belt out their favorite songs from artists like the Smiths to Beyoncé. At first, the nervous...

Bakersfield College has annual “Transfer Day” event

Katalina Quintanilla, Reporter

September 14, 2018

Bakersfield College held its yearly Transfer Day in the Renegade Crossroads on Sept. 10. There were 50 colleges and universities providing information to potential transfer students. Not only were representatives from various California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) campuses present, but out-of-state universities and fashion and design colle...

Renegade Struggle: Julie Gutierrez

Julie Gutierrez

Fitzgerald Graves, Reporter

May 2, 2018

Julie Gutierrez, a Bakersfield College student who is a Rad Tech major, shared her story about the multiple struggles she faced in her life that led to...

BC student survives Las Vegas shooting

Jourdan Muro, 19, who is a Renegade softball player smiles after sharing her struggle story.

Christina Benavides, Copy Editor

February 11, 2018

Full-time Bakersfield College student Jourdan Moro, 19, found joy in playing for the Renegade Volleyball Women’s team, and excelling in her academics...

California to assist unregistered students

California to assist unregistered students

February 15, 2017

Following last November’s presidential election, many questions arose about what would happen to many of the policies that were established during the...

The FAFSA awakens student interest

Freddie Ward, Reporter

February 17, 2016

The FAFSA awareness kick off on Feb. 9 at Bakersfield College was excellent and a lot of students attended, according to Valerie Mackey, Financial Aid assistant. Students were given fliers with dates and times of upcoming financial aid workshops and staff members were there to answer general financial aid questions. Games were played. To test a student’s knowledge on Financial...

Several resources are available for students at BC that need help

AK Pachla, Reporter

September 10, 2015

By now, some students  have likely heard the news that the Brookings Institution has named Bakersfield College best community college in California for 2015, and one of the top ten two-year colleges in America.  One of the reasons for BC’s success is the variety of student academic and public services offered here. After talking to a few students, some knew how to access...

Students adjust to a new school and a new year

Nicholas Torres, Reporter

September 12, 2013

As the new school year begins, many students will find themselves taking their very first footsteps on the Bakersfield College campus while others will be taking their final steps onto the campus. The beginning of the new school year can bring many mixed emotions, especially for incoming freshman. Freshman Stephanie Maciel said, “I am excited for what the college experience...

BC students get back to the grind

Alana Garrett, Reporter

January 30, 2013

It’s back to school time again and it’s time to put away the videogames, turn on your alarms and prepare for all nighters. Bakersfield College is back in session for its spring semester and the students are back for school. Alejandra Arias, an 18-year-old student who is hoping to get into medical school, stated her goal this semester. “I’m hoping to get A’s...

Students discuss their views on Proposition 30

Omar Oseguera, Photo and Multimedia Editor

October 3, 2012

Students at Bakersfield College gave their opinion on one of the biggest issues coming up on the November ballot, Proposition 30. The proposition calls for a sales and use tax raise of a fourth of a cent for four years. There is also an increase in personal income tax rates on those making annual earnings over $250,000, which would last for seven years. The goal of...

STAFF ED: Students unhappy with unsettling times

September 6, 2012

In the process of creating this newspaper, our staff generally asks, “What’s going on around campus?” Now it seems that this question has spread campus-wide as students wonder about the state of this new semester. Parking fees and cafeteria food prices have risen, our student government officials have changed, and talks of budget cuts leave many wondering what their...

Reading, writing and Mary Jane

Reading, writing and Mary Jane

February 1, 2012

Marijuana users are typically thought of as lazy, irresponsible and incompetent people, but some appear to be the exact opposite. They are all students,...

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