Fast and the Furious present Hobbs and Shaw


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“Fast and Furious” movie poster

Jacqueline Aquian, Reporter

“Fast and Furious” is best watched with the family and friends or as a date night with your significant other. There will be laughter as well as serious actions moments. In the previous two Fast and The Furious films we have seen Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) though, they weren’t the friends’ type. They do not like each other. With the stubbornness of Hobbs and Shaw having to work together to help the world, it wasn’t so easy. As in every Fast and the Furious movie there is a bad guy, Brixton Lore (Idris Elba), who is set to destroy the world.

The film takes place in London, Los Angeles and Hawaii. London is the home of Shaw and Los Angeles is the home of Hobbs. They are set to meet in London, they do not know they are working together but they do know their task.

Hobbs and Shaw meet to catch someone who that cannot only endanger herself but others with a deadly virus. This person is none other than Shaw’s sister, Hattle Shaw (Vanessa Kirby). They realize she is being set up, so they must keep her alive if they do not want to end the world.

Hobbs and Shaw stay on the move to keep her safe, but Brixton keeps catching up to them. He puts them on the list of wanted fugitives so they’ll be caught. As they try to leave London, they are forced to change their identities.

As the quarrel goes on, Hobbs, Shaw and Hattle are faced, with a decision to make that can either save the world or destroy it. Shaw and Hobbs agree to fly to Hawaii where Hobbs was raised and that is when the fight becoming all or nothing. Shaw, Hobbs and his brothers fight to keep Hattle alive to remove the virus from her body, while Brixton and his men attack them to get the virus no matter if she is dead or alive for them to retrieve it.

It was a great movie to watch – to relax and have a good laugh with your friends or family or just time away from the books. Go watch, “Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw.”