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Renegade Struggles: Joseline Pinto

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Renegade Struggles: Joseline Pinto

Joseline Pinto stands in a field while holding her child as he gazes up.

Joseline Pinto stands in a field while holding her child as he gazes up.

Sam Moreno

Joseline Pinto stands in a field while holding her child as he gazes up.

Sam Moreno

Sam Moreno

Joseline Pinto stands in a field while holding her child as he gazes up.

Sam Moreno, Reporter

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Meet Joseline Pinto, 22, a student at Bakersfield College, pursuing an education to improve the life of her child. When Pinto got pregnant, she was attending a university in Northern California.

Her plan was to graduate from the university with a degree in communication.

While attending the university, she met the father of her child, Aiden. The pregnancy was unplanned and shocked the both of them.

The soon to be parents, Pinto and Aiden, both were not exactly sure what to do next.

Pinto said she never pictured herself being a parent at such a young age.

“I was kind of scared. I knew I wanted to finish school, and a baby was not going to let me finish school when I wanted to,” Pinto said.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I knew my family was not going to be happy, I knew they wanted me to finish school,” Pinto said.

Pinto finished the semester she was enrolled in at the university and decided to move back home to have the support of her family in her life.

“I moved back home, so I could still go to school, earn a degree and not have to leave my baby with strangers,” Pinto said.

The father of the child stayed at the university to finish his education and visits as much as possible. Although Pinto and the father of the child are not living near each other, Aiden is still extremely involved in the baby’s life.

“The baby’s first word was ‘dada’, I couldn’t believe it, Aiden kept teasing me saying the baby was going to say dad first,” Pinto said.

The young couple decided that they would move together once Aiden received his degree.

“I don’t like to say that I am a single mom, because I know single moms, and I do not struggle as much as them,” Pinto said.

Although the baby’s father is not around as often, it was a mutual decision to be apart.

With the help of Pinto’s mother and grandmother, Pinto feels like she has it easier than others.

“There are women out there with no one, I work and I have to pay a babysitter, that is not cheap. Luckily, when I have school, I can ask a family member to watch my baby,” Pinto said.

Like most moms, Pinto’s schedule revolves around the baby.

“I sleep when he sleeps. When he is calm or napping, I am doing homework, or catching up on laundry. Babies go through a lot of clothes, it’s crazy,” Pinto said.

While Pinto juggles with everyday chores, she tries to stay on a schedule in order to get everything done on her “checklist.”

“Days are not about you no more, if I want to do homework, it’s not when I want to, it’s when my baby lets me,” Pinto said.

Since having the baby, Pinto realized there are many responsibilities that revolve around a baby.

“I used to slack off, I would take days off work just because I did not want to go. Now I can’t, I can’t just use a sick day, just to use it. Because what if my baby’s sick, then what? I need those days available to me,” Pinto said.

“Also with school, I realized I am not wasting the schools or the professors time, I’m wasting my time,” Pinto said.

“Having a baby under one causes a lot of sleepless nights. It’s a lot to juggle, from work, school, doctor’s appointments, house chores, and making time to spend time with your baby, it’s a lot,” Pinto said.

“It’s a unique process, falling in love with the baby and wanting to be a part of his life, but still wanting to complete your personal goals,” Pinto said.

After becoming a mom, Pinto wanted to better her life, not for herself but, for her child.

“Mothers receive this stigma, that their life is over. People tell you ‘sorry, you have a baby, your life’s over’ and people tell you ‘good luck going to school or having a career,’ and I don’t believe this is true,” Pinto said.

Although Pinto will take longer than the average person to complete school, she said she will do it. “Having him changed my life, but it did not ruin it. It was/is a blessing in disguise.”

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Renegade Struggles: Joseline Pinto