BC teacher remembered

Robert Mullen, Reporter

Adie Geiser, Bakersfield College’s longtime assistive technology specialist, passed away on Feb. 23 at Memorial Hospital at the age of 49.

Geiser had been with the college for 14 years, since being hired into his current role back in 1999.

Geiser also taught technology classes for disabled students, consulted for the school on matters pertaining to technology used by disabled students, and ensured that the school stayed up to code when providing special technology to disabled students.

Skip Hill, a deacon with St. Luke’s Anglican Church, was interviewed by Geiser for a role as a counselor for disabled student services in 2000, which he did until he retired in June of 2012, and knew Geiser well.

The two kept in contact even after Hill’s retirement and return to the church.

“Adie and I would chat, whether on our lunch hours, or on private time, or just back and forth.”

Hill said Geiser was a great part of the college community.

“He was with a lot of committees on campus, and was a part of a lot of the different things that were helping to move technology forward, just in general, on this campus,” Hill said.

“He was a great person just to talk to, for a lot of students who just loved his caring attitude. He was very patient, and he was just a really neat guy”

Students or others who want counseling can contact Hill on his cell, 661-203-8663, or email him at [email protected]