Syrian refugees should be allowed to stay in the U.S.

Marcus Castro, Contributing Editor


President Obama has been letting Syrian refugees into the United States, and recently he has let them into San Diego. I do not see an issue with this.

When I think of the U.S., I like to think that we are not only strong and in charge but also a nation that shows compassion for human beings.

Syrian people need a place to stay because in their homeland, they are at great risk. They are at such risk that they are trying to escape even though they know they may die in the process as many have already.

As a nation, some people always like to say that we help others and that we do things for other countries to improve their well-being.

But when it comes to helping them on our land, in a very literal way of helping them, those people all of a sudden back out of their “helpful” ways and side against the help.

Personally, I believe that those people are afraid.

Whether they are literally afraid of the refugees or are afraid of change around them, they are afraid, and that is why they are in such opposition of people that truly need help.

I don’t think it’s wrong to be afraid of change or to be afraid of the tiny fraction of potentially bad people that can come along with the Syrian refugees, but I believe that people need to overcome their fear and realize that these people need someone’s help.

I also feel as if people think, “Why do we have to take them in? Why can’t we just let someone else take them in?”

If every nation thought that way, these innocent people would be stuck in the terrors of their homeland.

So why would we not rise up as a first-world country to help people in need?

I believe that it is not only a good thing to do but that it is our duty to help people, and I say that as a U.S. citizen and a human being.