Donald Trump: Yes or No? (Con)

Freddie Ward, Reporter

Donald Trump is no longer a joke, and it’s time for voters to take this sexist, racist, bigoted, lying, and narcissistic candidate seriously.

Currently, he has won 18 of 30 primaries and has approximately 800 of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

First and foremost, Trump has no knowledge of the Constitution and First Amendment rights. In America, we do not manhandle, curse, threaten, and belittle individuals who chose to exercise this right. Personally, I feel he could benefit from a political science 101 course.

Trump’s sexist attitude began long before he became a candidate. When he was interviewed in 1991 about his negative business practices, he responded by saying, “It doesn’t really matter what the media writes about you, as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass with you,” referring to women.

In his book, “Trump: The Art of the Comeback,” he said, “All women hate prenuptial agreements because all of them are gold diggers.” Trump also referred to women as the best “actors” in the world. He said the smart ones act feminine and needy, but inside they’re real killers.

In an interview with Larry King, when asked about his friendship with the late Princess Diana, Trump said, “I would have no problem sleeping with her. She was the right height, had beautiful skin, and she was a beautiful woman.”

His most recent sexist remark was addressed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump said President Clinton’s infidelity was caused by Hillary’s inability to “satisfy” her husband.

Trump’s world consists of lily-white, conservative men, and no one is exempt from his racial slurs. He has no concept of diversity. On the campaign trail, he has referred to Hispanics as murderers, rapists and drug dealers. His political agenda consists of deporting 11 million Hispanics back to Mexico and building a wall to keep them there.

Trump has no love for African Americans as well. After all, according to Trump, they are killers of white males, drug dealers, and black males and females are lazy and on welfare. Trump identifies American-born Muslims as radical and members of ISIS. He has said, “We need to keep them under control.” He proposes to keep them under surveillance, invade their privacy, and deny them the right to assemble. Americans expect our president to uphold the Constitution, be truthful, and to possess integrity and diplomacy. Trump has none of these qualities.

He is the biggest liar and exaggerator in the world. Trump is incapable of telling the truth, even if life depended on it. He’s consistently told his supporters he’s not accepting money from any outside donors, but that’s a lie. Trump has a super PAC. Trump has stated on numerous occasions that the U.S. has a $500 billion trade deficit with China. That’s also a lie. He says he’s popular with Blacks and Hispanics and they love him. That’s a lie. Trump’s political agenda differs minute to minute. When journalists ask questions regarding his agenda or disagree with him, Trump belittles them and asks them to leave. If a private citizen confronts or disagrees with Trump, he has them thrown out of his rallies.

Wake up, voters. Trump is not what America stands for. We are a nation that embraces diversity. Our belief is every individual, no matter what their race, gender, sexual or religious preference, has the right to exercise their First Amendment rights without retaliation.

Fellow voters, I urge you not to vote for Donald Trump. Reject him on Election Day. To elect Donald Trump for President of the U.S. would be self-inflicted disaster.