Donald Trump: Yes or No? (Pro)

Joe Bergman, Photo and Sports Editor

The President of the United States is often considered to be the world’s most powerful person, leading the world’s only superpower. The president commands the world’s most powerful military, which is armed with the largest nuclear arsenal, and leads the world’s largest economy.

One would think that a position with so much power would have stringent prerequisites, but it is one of the few jobs available with little to no experience required.

For the longest time, becoming president was limited to a rather select group of people. These individuals came from prestigious families, spent a lifetime being groomed for the office. You could look back and see years and years of “public service” in their backgrounds, which is a nicer way of saying “a lifetime in politics.”

Regardless of the political party that resides in the White House, it seems that nothing will ever change. The federal government has continued to spend more and more; the federal deficit is almost at a laughable dollar amount, which as of this writing is $19,205,096,750,000.00 dollars. That is $59,413.00 of debt per person for every American.

If the United States of America was a private business, it would have filed for bankruptcy and gone out of business a long time ago.

For way too long, the government has been run with no sense of urgency. When money runs out, they simply borrow/ print more. No other organization in the world has that power.

If a private company ran out of money and decided to print more as the solution to their problem, all those involved would be arrested, not re-elected.

Looking at the presidential primaries that are currently unfolding, it is very clear that an outsider is winning the votes of the delegates. Those who have been in the status quo of federal politics, to simply put it, are panicking.

Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate. I might be old-fashioned, but I strongly believe that George Washington was the last perfect president.

Donald Trump has not spent a lifetime in politics; he has both succeeded and failed as a business owner

I strongly believe that his business sense is what we need to shake things up because the federal government is not sustainable in its current form.

We need someone to make the difficult decisions because cuts are needed.

Trump is not the best spoken, he has had three wives, and he can be rather blunt in delivering his message.

I could honestly care less about his political correctness, because being politically correct has seriously weakened our society. I am tired of being nice, tired of having to say the right thing. Whatever happened to people being people?

In regards to national security, Trump has been the only truthful candidate to date, because we have federal laws that cover border security.

The president has to swear an oath to enforce the law, so by simply saying that he would enforce the law, he has suddenly become a demagogue.

Yes, he is rough around the edges, but I’d rather have someone who is blatantly honest lead this country.