Breast-feeding in public: Is it really that big of a deal? (Con)

Carl E. Littleberry Jr., Reporter

I am a man who loves the female body, from the complexities of the female personality, to the broad range of physical features that I myself find alluring on the female body. I may be a little unconventional in saying this but, the female body is the greatest piece of art ever created. Being born into household of six women and only one male, and being from the south, I was raised to respect women in every aspect. However, I do have a distinct issue with women and their breasts.

More importantly, I have an issue with breast-feeding in public and why women feel like they are entitled to do it whenever and wherever they are. Breasts are and will always be a sexual organ, even when used for child rearing. On televisions everywhere we are censoring breasts all over the world. However, the one image that always slips through the cracks seems to be ones involving a mother breast-feeding.

I feel that a well-placed sheet or a blanket can go a long way. Your bodies are beautiful, but they are supposed to be the world’s best kept secrets. You are exposing yourselves to children in the park and teens in department stores then getting upset at the attention you draw from strangers when you do so.

Ask yourselves, ladies, would you feel comfortable if your child was at day care and was exposed to a woman wet nursing another’s child, and during said activity the child confuses the difference and proceeds to expose herself in public? Never has it been okay for things such as breasts and other sexual organs to be exposed to the public, but women seem to confuse that women’s equality movement doesn’t really cover your feelings about public nudity.

I’m not going to whip out my genitalia in public and urinate in front of children just because I have to go to the bathroom. Also, yes it may be healthier than things like Similac, but you know you could always use a breast pump and bottle your milk beforehand.

You’re basically forcing people to accept that your opinion on what we think is supposed to be deemed sexual, is okay, which is ridiculous.

For one this shouldn’t even be an argument. Last time I heard public nudity should be illegal, and in my opinion that should include breast-feeding. I practically have to break my neck to not make awkward eye contact with the mother just to not feel embarrassed for both of us.

Honestly, we need to stop feeling as though every time women get mad about something we are supposed to hop to find a solution. Focus on the real issues, ladies, like wages and the lack of women in power positions in America.

And don’t think of me as a chauvinistic pig. Ladies, I understand how uncomfortable a child can become just from the simple exercise of breast-feeding. It’s more for the children, and children can’t tell the difference between eating and sex. It’s ridiculous when kids are supposed to be our future.