Women deserve to be equal to men

Marcus Castro, Contributing Editor

Many people say that these days, women have nearly earned full equality among men. I think that they are completely wrong.

Women are moving toward equality at a much faster pace than they were 100 years ago, but I do not believe that they are close to where they morally should be.

Men still dominate in many areas of the work world and leadership positions. In politics, there are women such as Sen. Jean Fuller or Hillary Clinton who are making an impact, but the vast majority of the political world is dominated by men.

Men are making most of the decisions in the world that affect millions of people. I think that women should be much more involved in decisions that affect the nation or world as they can bring another perspective to the plate.

One of the main reasons for women not having equality is the male dominance in history of the world.

When you read a history book, how often do you see a woman’s name come up? It’s very rare to see it. Men have completely dominated the world’s known history.

Roles have been put in place for women to follow throughout time. These roles include stay at home wives, maids, secretaries, and other roles. Whether these roles were made over time by men or women is irrelevant to the fact that women feel pressured to fit these roles.

The roles of women in the home and work world aren’t as prominent as they used to be in the past, but they still are relevant.

In order for women to push toward being equal, they must break these roles. The more that women kick these roles and do what they want. Let it be known that this is my choice; let it be known that you are not staying at home because you are a woman but because you choose to do it as a person not a woman.

There are men in society that truly believe that women are inferior to men. They think that because men are naturally stronger and larger that they are for some reason superior to women. That makes no sense to me.

Just because a man has the ability, on average, to overpower a woman or be better off in a situation where one must use strength, does not make men superior to women.

Women deserve equality, not because they have dealt with being inferior for a very long time, but because they are humans along with men, and we all deserve to be equal.