Will 2019 see the death of creativity?

Tyler Frost, Reporter

2019 is the lowest point in the history of popular culture in the U.S. The lack of originality and creativity coming from today’s entertainers is shocking considering the many mediums for creating and releasing content.

Take movies for example. In an era with the most means of advertising and promoting films, Hollywood has failed to release a surplus of great projects this year. It seems as if audiences are only force-fed cheesy scary movies, super-hero movies, and remakes of classics that today’s new projects cannot live up to. I am one of the biggest Marvel fans I know, but if an Avengers movie is the only movie I am excited to see in a calendar year, then it must be a disappointing year for the film industry.

This generation is missing out on the great feeling of watching a classic Tarantino film, or the remarkable acting of Jack Nicholson. Instead of being privileged enough to watch thought-provoking thrillers and great acting, we are stuck with disappointing re-makes and the same genres of movies every Friday night. 2019 is the year that Hollywood ran out of ideas.

Similarly, music has become repetitive. There are limitless avenues for producing and releasing music, and as a result, artists are becoming lazy. They attempt to out-release one another, producing anything that people might consider catchy. Today’s artists fail to consider their lyrics or message in their music.

Hip-Hop is music’s most popular genre. Today’s Hip-Hop is filled with rappers who rely on their beats and media persona more than musical talent. Lil Pump and 6ix9ine among others believe tatting their face and mumbling over a catchy trap beat makes them legitimate, when in fact today’s rappers are predominantly culture vultures who mimic each other to stay relevant.

I still listen to plenty of modern music because it is often up-tempo and easy to get hyped to. Regardless, I can’t think of a classic album that has dropped this year. I don’t listen to the radio often, but every time it’s on, I hear the same three Post Malone songs on repeat, all sounding the same.

Rap misses the authenticity of 50 Cent, the creativity of Kanye West, and the lyrical genius of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, or Eminem. R&B and Pop music miss Mariah Carey, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. 2019 does not feature artists near the same tier as these greats.

How often do we hear a modern song that has the ability to give you the chills? Music is meant to inject feelings or channel our emotions and thoughts. Today’s music is nothing more than background noise for High School parties.

The social media era is all about trends and using these platforms to make money. I respect entertainers for trying to make their money, but chasing checks and Twitter followers have watered down the quality of our pop culture. In no way am I trying to discredit today’s entertainment industry, but I have my reservations. Seeing the lack of originality and creativity in modern pop culture should compel you to go back and appreciate the great innovative minds of America’s past.