Op-Ed: Ways to get over a breakup

Isabel Enciso, Reporter

We have all been there. If it was being cheated on or a relationship that just ended out of the blue. Having the feeling of being lost and hurt and not knowing what to do after the break-up. Now in my perspective going through a break-up can be the saddest but the best thing to happen to anyone. But there are so many ways to get over a break-up then reinventing yourself.

I believe that one of the best ways to get over a break-up is just hanging out with friends. Whether if you are a boy or girl, being with your friends who can make you laugh and forget all about the girl/guy you were with is the best. Going and hanging out at like seeing movies, getting ice cream, bowling, drinking if you are old enough, or even just staying at home with them. You don’t always have to go out with friends to get over some and forget how crappy they are.

I think my second favorite best way to get over a break-up would be staying at home, in bed, and cry until your makeup is ugly with a tub of ice cream. Just letting go of all the emotions you had to hold then letting you go in the comfort of your own bed. Man, hell to it scream in a pillow until you can’t breathe, make a bonfire and burn the things that were given to you by her/him, or break old glasses to get the anger out.

These are ways that I believe are the best, but others may not agree. There are different ways than these to get over a hurtful breakup. Another way my friend told me the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. Thus, meaning to go and have a one-night stand with a random person in order to get over that crappy ex of yours. Even going clubbing with the girls will work just as cracking a cold one with the boys.