Op-Ed: O Ramen

Luis Rojas, Reporter

When it comes to Japanese food there are only a few places that I have visited in Bakersfield for a good bowl of Ramen. I’m not a big fan of Japanese food but when I first saw or heard about Ramen it was in one of those food shows of Anthony Bourdain on Netflix.

I have been to a couple of Japanese restaurants and usually, I go there for Sushi but it turns out I don’t like raw meat, yikes. I normally order fried rolls or soups. When I tried ramen for the first time I went to Shoyu Sushi Japanese Restaurant off of Mt. Vernon and University Ave. right behind Fastrip. The Ramen was good, with good flavor but not enough to keep me hooked.

Later, my girlfriend and I were driving by downtown looking for a place to eat, and I saw this sign that said Ramen, I had to try it.

I ordered a bowl of ramen to start off. It was delicious and, even though they didn’t have chicken ramen, I had to try it with red meat to see if I liked it. I fell in love with it. Then I found myself eating at a Chinese restaurant, and since my dad likes to eat there and we know the owner, I asked for Ramen suggestion.

There is this place called O Ramen and I have to say Ohh! what a Ramen, the best. I ordered their Shoyu Chicken Ramen that it was out of this world, tender chicken in a broth with scallions and an egg, it’s mouthwatering. Even though they serve a big portion of it I couldn’t resist their Fried Calamari Rings with some of the spicy sauce. The calamari rings are a must-get item in the menu.

This place is one of my favorites when it comes to Ramen and, even though there are more places to try this is the best so far. One thing that I have learned is that you have to try, things more than once, they might not taste good the first time but the second time is better as you develop the taste.