Op-ed: overcoming the downfalls of social distancing and myself

Jocelyn Perez, Reporter

Some days are better than others. Some days I feel like I’m accustomed to this new life already. Some days I’m tired of deciding on what viewpoint I want to have for that day, which will depict how I feel for the rest of the day. 

Do I want to be motivated and accomplished today and get all my homework done? Do I want to pretend like this crisis doesn’t get past me? Or do I want to have a lazy day and give up? And have no means to do my daily workout routine. 

Clearly, my day-to-day basis is not the same as it was once before and it bums me out at times because this was supposed to be the year of growth and accomplishments. The year I transfer out to college in L.A. The year I finally get to take a shot at acting in the entertainment industry. The year I built my body at the gym to a physique I’ve longed for. 

I had so many plans and social ones too, but as for now I refuse to take part in any social interactions with those outside my immediate family. The more people practice social distancing the faster we can get back to our lives while practicing social distancing interactions. 

Then again I still think there’s a possibility this can go on for another few months or till 2021. What could become of this situation? Should I still go away for college? Even if that means I might not be able to roam the campus. It could be a pointless move. 

One of the biggest purposes of moving was to get an experience of living on my own, not alone in my campus dorm trapped away from the rest of the world, discovering new life and opportunities along with interacting with new individuals. I think the concept that haunts me the most is time. 

I wonder if I’ll have enough time to work for it all back. Going over in my head about whether I’ll have enough time to find an internship or some sort of experience in the last years of my academic career as society overcomes the crisis. Wondering if the pandemic will come to an end anytime soon before we’ve gone too many months in and I finally give up of being this “go-getter, nothing phases me gal” and gain too much weight and eventually have to start from scratch again at the unhealthy living standards I started within the beginning of my fitness journey. 

So many factors, thoughts, and contingencies running through my head and like the rest of society nowhere near an answer of accuracy to my questions because this is the first time in history we are hit with the coronavirus pandemic and not even experts can make complete predictions of the outcome. 

However, my outlook on the importance of my own health motivates me enough to keep on strong and to continue social distancing, and more importantly do my family’s health and safety concern me so I do it for them really. 

Outcomes are not to be sure of, but it is clear that it’ll do more damage to avoid precautions rather than to follow safety guidelines so everyone should do their part and continue to practice social distancing.