Dating during quarantine

Priscilla Carballo, Reporter

Quarantine has taken a turn on a lot of activities for people, especially for those who are dating. It has either made dating easier or harder for people.

With modern technology, people can now date through phone or computer. Which may be a big contributor for those who are unable to physically be together during quarantine.

“It’s hard,” said Kaylee Choe, a Bakersfield resident talking about her relationship with her boyfriend during quarantine. “We go to different colleges so when we came back home, we thought we would be seeing each other a lot more than we were. It’s been a month since we last hung out, which is nearing the longest amount of time we’ve gone without seeing each other, even at school. We FaceTime a lot and play video games or watch movies together, but there’s not much else we are able to do.”

Luckily there have been some good outcomes when it comes to dating and relationships for those who are unable to see their significant other.

“I would say some good outcomes are building a stronger and more stable relationship as we get through quarantine. We’ll be stronger when it comes to being separated for some time and our communication skills will be stronger too,” said Hope Earnest a Bakersfield resident.

For others, dating may be a bit easier because they live together but there could still be hardships in those kinds of relationships while in quarantine.

“It’s a little stressful at times since we live together but, in the end, we’re happy. There are arguments here and there, but we talk through it. The one thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve become stronger in the sense of talking through our problems and really appreciating each other,” said Xavier Rice.