Best cafés in Bakersfield for College students

Clarecca Hargis, Reporter

Consuming caffeine may be essential for most college students. Giving them that extra boost to help get them through their busy day. Managing work, school, homework, and even parenting during college is not an easy task especially when one is focusing on multiple subjects. When it comes to finding a quiet nook where one can relax and have a great cup of joe, Bakersfield has many cafés to choose from. 


From a former café barista and coffee connoisseur, there are many cafés in Bakersfield that one should consider even if caffeine is not in the diet. 


Starbucks is the first stop, with multiple locations all across Bakersfield. Starbucks is a great place to study and have a cup of joe or two. What many don’t know is that Starbucks offers unlimited refills on Hot Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Coffee, and Iced Tea during the same visit for only 50 cents a refill! The best part is that you can mix and match your drink. That means if you’re studying for an exam you can start with a soothing tea and during crunch time enjoy a hot coffee or two. Always remember to use your Starbucks app so you can rack up on points and earn free rewards. 


There are also many locallyowned cafés to consider and if you’re in downtown Bakersfield, Café Smitten is a must stop. Located on 18th street, their café has a relaxing outdoor area where one can wind down and study. They have an array of pies to choose from and I decided to go with a slice of matcha pie and also a hot matcha latte. My latte smiled back as certain drinks feature designs. They also have a new location located near the Riverwalk park. 


Cloud 9 coffee is located off of California Ave and their coffees will have you in the clouds. The retro-styled cafe is Instagramworthy. Their lavender latte is one to try and is definitely one to remember. The café offers an array of drinks that stray away from the typical black cup of joe. Their signature “Cloudine” drink is one to try especially for peach tea drinkers. 


Dagny’s Coffee shop is located on 20th street and their drinks are definitely made with love. Their coffee drinks like the cappuccinos and café mochas feature a heart design. It is also a great stop for breakfast, their beagle sandwich pairs great with a hot chai latte. 


There are many other locally owned coffee shops to explore in Bakersfield. The ones listed above have always stayed consistent in their customer service, quality of drinks, and cleanliness. Local cafés are great study places for upcoming finals.