Opinion: How to have a more than fair time at the fair

Jocelynn Landon, Reporter

The Kern County Fair is back in full swing and is hotter (maybe literally) than ever. In preparing to go to fair, the biggest tip is to make sure that you get your parking tickets and your admission tickets online versus getting your tickets in person.

The fair has upgraded its technology system this year, and it is more convenient for everyone. When you first arrive, go to the shops, as they have tons of local vendors from sustainability groups to political parties that are there to give you information.

swing ride at Kern County Fair
Photo courtesy of Kern County Fair

From there, you can hit the rides and test your luck with the carnival games.  I took photos at the top of the ferris wheel, went on the giant swings, and walked around admiring the thrill seekers who were able to go on all the rides that dropped, swirled, and threw people around.

Now, while the fair is all fun and games, it is overly expensive. In all transparency, I spent $14 for parking and my ticket, $20 on my wristband, which only allowed me on three rides, and about $15 on food, coming out to a grand total of about $50.

It would be nice if the fair offered options for student discounts. There are some opportunities for people to get discounted tickets. Those who donate blood are able to get two free tickets. The fair also had a program on Sept. 27, where people who donate make six cans of food to get free entry. But what about those who can’t donate blood due to medical reasons, or those who can’t go on a Tuesday because of previous engagements?

Another suggestion is to consider pushing back the timing of the fair. The Kern County Fair happens during September and early October. We all know that those can be some of the hottest, and driest, months to do things over in Kern Valley. Because we live in the desert, there should be more thought put into that and fair should be moved to a month that’s colder… or at least a bit milder. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who experienced burn out and the desire to leave early because of the heat.

Overall, the fair was pretty… fair. The singers, the showing of animals, concerts, food  and everything in between were presented very well. Being able to go to an event with friends and family is something that everyone seemed excited to get back into. Make sure that you stay hydrated, and take breaks because the heat is brutal out there.