Feeding the press with the Renegade Express

Emily Urias, Reporter

Bakersfield College Culinary Arts lab technician, Marcia Overturf, announced via email, the Renegade Room will now deliver lunch on campus starting February 1st! These fresh meals are only delivered on Wednesdays from 11:30am to 12pm and 12pm to 12:30. However, they only accept cash or checks but you may pay online if you call in.

With a menu that is diverse and changes every week, they have a variety of delicious meals, it was difficult for me to choose! I decided on the spaghetti and meatballs with a Sierra mist.

Upon arrival the RIP room was greeted with welcoming smiles from Marcia Overturf along with two BC culinary arts students, Noah Rodriquez and Edgar Rodriquez.They surprised me with an additional two sourdough bread slices and butter. Taking my first bite, my mouth melted with flavor. The spaghetti itself was amazing and it wasn’t under or overbearing with flavor. They had a giant meatball in the middle that I, at first, found odd but later on I found it practical to cut parts of it based on how much meat I wanted to eat.

I would have to say that it was one of the best spaghetti dishes I have eaten in my recent days. After I finished eating I was left with a full stomach and happiness that it was worth every penny for the $15 dollars I had spent on the meal.

These lunches are a great way to eat and have a chit chat with your friends, fellow classmates, and even professors without having to lift a foot. This meal helped cure my hunger pangs especially when I didn’t have the chance to grab breakfast.

Thank you to our Renegade Room for going above and beyond by taking on a new delivery system throughout the campus. The BC appreciates your service and all that you do for staff, students, and faculty!