More Jobs at the Expense of Earth

Nadeen Maniord, Reporter

Shockingly, or not so shockingly, a plan supported by Republican Alaskan Governor, Mike Dunleavy that could result in horrific environmental effects in the Alaskan ecosystem, called the Willow Project.

The Willow Project, is a project proposed by ConocoPhillips in 2017, would create more oil drilling along the Alaskan North Slope, according to ConocoPhillips. New oil would be drilled in vast amounts in order to further add to the natural gas issue here in the United States.

According to Environment America, “The pollutants the Willow project emits are a threat to public health and safety. From methane that leaks from the production equipment to the trucks that transport materials to oil wells, the Willow Project’s pollutants can cause serious cardiovascular, kidney, and chronic respiratory problems.”

Not even taking into consideration the uprooting and destroying natural habitats in the process of building the Willow Project plan.

How typically, American, finding more environmental problem than solutions.

Previous President, Donald J. Trump was the first to be for this proposal, and started the motion for this project to continue. But, was struck down late 2021 because of a federal judge.

President Biden, found to be looking at the Willow Project, has been called to deny any part of this project. Calling him out on his promise to decline the oil drilling in lands. Beginning the TikTok hashtag, #StopWillow

According to CNN, “During his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden vowed to end new oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters – which he initially carried out as part of an early executive order.”

Alaskan’s have surprisingly been found supportive of this plan, and more people outside of the state have called for a stop to it. The potential benefits toward the economy, can not be overstated. However, the lack of a good economy hardly matters if we are all dead.
There are serious repercussions of having a project that would cause as much environmental harm to those living on Earth. Yes, it occurs in Alaska, but it will be felt all throughout the world if it is allowed to happen.