“Beef” The Importance of Mental Health and Road Safety

Blake Burton, Editor

“Beef” a new Netflix series stars Ali Wong Steven Yeun. They play Amy Lau and Danny Cho, strangers who wind up in a parking lot dispute that turns into a full-blown revenge drama.

This series really shows the road rage in all of us. This show began with two people Amy and Danny going on about their days until they almost wrecked into each other. Amy, an entrepreneur with a life looks successful and happy, is clearly on edge.  Her husband, George (Joseph Lee) does not seem to understand her.

A down on his luck handyman, Danny can’t afford the apartment he shares with his brother Paul Cho (Young Mazino).

After the initial incident, the two main characters spend the rest of the 10 episodes trying to either get back at each other or occasionally find some inner peace. They were both miserable and decided to mess with each other for the heck of it.

From defacing each other’s properties to interacting or messing with each other’s families, this series had it all.

With themes of mental illness, exacerbated by people’s ability to find and harm each other so easily with modern technology, this is a good show for mature audiences to watch and for people who can relate to traffic and driving and the havoc it can stir up in your life.