‘Allure’ is not meant for men

Marcus Castro, Contributing Editor

Being a typical man who loves sports and video games, I decided to review a magazine that is geared toward women.

I looked through the magazine section at Foodmaxx and was beyond confused because I didn’t have a clue what the more girly magazines were supposed to be about. So I closed my eyes and randomly grabbed a magazine.

Do I now regret this? Yes. I say this because the magazine I grabbed is “Allure.” Allure is a magazine about women’s beauty through makeup and other women’s products, but it’s mostly about makeup. I read and browsed through the magazine, and I had a hard time staying focused, as I have no clue what the advertisements and brief articles were talking about.

There were words being used like “contour”, “sheet mask” and “ultra-matte”, and these words might as well have been written in Japanese because I had no clue what they meant.

Forcing myself to read brief stories with sub-headlines like “Wearing the exact same thickening black mascara since you were 17 years old” or “If it’s Friday night, it’s black eyeliner time” was one of the worst things I have made myself do.

I can honestly say that I did take away two good things from this magazine:

The first is how to buy a good gift for Valentine’s Day. I’ve learned that you must give your partner an experience through the gifts you buy them. Allure taught me that a simple gift may not be enough, but a gift that takes your partner through a great experience is ideal.

I also learned how to fake a clean house. I was taught to declutter everything, have clean sinks, focus your efforts, close all necessary doors and dim the lights. With my room being as dirty as it is, I may have to give this a shot.

At the end of the day, I want my $3.99 back because this is not the magazine for me. If I was a makeup and women’s beauty and fashion lover, then I would love this magazine, but I am not either of those.