Wallows album “Nothing Happens” pleases fans

Hilario Ismael Gomez, Reporter

Following their 2018 debut EP, Spring the budding indie rock band Wallows released their debut long play, “Nothing Happens” in March 2019. 

The band is most commonly known for their vocalist and guitar player Dylan Minnette who starred as Clay Jensen in the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” and their hit song from their EP “These Days”.  

The three-piece band consists of the aforementioned Dylan Minnette, vocalist/guitarist Braeden Lemaster and drummer Cole Preston. 

Three singles from “Nothing Happens” debuted before the album’s eventual release which included, “Are You Bored Yet?” (Ft. Clairo) which was the band’s first collaboration, “Scrawny”, a fan favorite and, “Sidelines.”

In their latest work Wallows continued to create dance-worthy music that attacks all the toughest emotions and problems associated with youth and growing up. 

Uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, heartbreak, nostalgia, you name it, it was there.  

The songs constantly repeat their fears of change and how they tend to dwell on better times as well as the actuality that change is inevitable and how memories will always stay in the past. 

In the ways that the band attacks these issues through cheery and positive melodies gives off a lot of comforts and hope to the listener that the bad times will pass. 

Through these tracks, they almost intend to normalize these feelings and going through turmoil while saying to just enjoy your youth before it disappears.

“Remember When” stands out as a very underrated track from the album because of its relatable message, and it’s catchy skillful guitar riffs. 

The song depicts the pain and confusion that the loss of first love can cause. 

It also illustrates how such a lasting impression that a person creates and how the smallest things can jog up memories of times lost forever. 

It begins with a beautiful verse on how heartbreak can mess with your grip on reality.

“Thought I saw your shadow under the door, Just a trick of the light I’ve seen before, I can never tell what’s real anymore, Anymore, anymore”

Overall, “Nothing Happens” is a roller coaster of emotion that most young people can relate to because the feelings of uncertainty and nostalgia feel almost inescapable. 

The catchy and upbeat rhythms of the music make it hard not to bob your head to it in sync. 

The Wallows through this album that they are more than a novelty of a TV show’s fame but a legitimate band and that they can be a mainstay in the indie rock scene for years to come. 

I definitely give this album a very biased 5 out of 5.