Seth Rogen’s “Good Boys” is enjoyable for its mature humor and gags

David Portillo, Reporter

From the raunchy, foul, and hilarious mind of comedian Seth Rogen comes a comedy of smaller, or rather, younger proportion. This summer gave audiences the comedy “Good Boys,” produced by Rogen and directed by Gene Stupnistky.

The movie is a typical Rogen comedy packed with drugs, alcohol, violence, and swearing. But through all of its crudeness, the film sheds light on today’s new era of tweens looking to fit in with modern society and is an allegory for growing up and moving on from people and things in life.

The film revolves around three sixth grade best friends longing to make it to a popular kid’s party. “Good Boys” was enjoyable through all its mature humor and gags, but the plot of the film could have been more complex since the tone became cold towards the middle. However, what lacks in story gets made up by the child actors of the film who are absolutely incredible in each role.

Jacob Tremblay plays the leader of his friend group, Max. Brady Noon portrays the loud mouth troublemaker of the group, Thor. Keith L. Williams was responsible for being the rule-following, law-abiding, and most of the time bullied, Lucas. The chemistry these three young boys have together is put on full display from start to finish, bringing a sense of realism to the characters from the humor, straight to the conflicts shared between them.

This film is not for everyone. If young tweens cursing, drinking, and getting into extremely violent fights isn’t your forte, then consider seeing a different movie. Overall, “Good Boys” was an extremely entertaining experience at the cinema. Anyone who wants to have a good long laugh should check it out.