Netflix’s “Freud” is worth watching if you can handle it

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

Netflix’s original series “Freud,” came out on March 23. It is a fictional story on the life of Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist who founded psychoanalysis. 

Netflix revamps Freud and turns the neurologist into a detective with magical powers. This turns the show into an interesting murder mystery thriller — though it is more of a mystery for the cast  as the audience is introduced to the killer early on –rather than a biographical piece. 

At the start of the first episode, it seems as though it is going to be a normal story of Freud, but as the episode continues, it takes a turn when a woman who is bleeding out is plopped on his desk. 

From that moment, Freud’s detectiveness is activated and it becomes a hunt for the killer. 

If someone is looking to learn about Freud, this show is not it, but if they like a good story this is it. 

The show does deal with witchcraft, gore, sex and drugs. Something that is completely accurate is the fact that Freud was on cocaine in reality. He thought it to be a mental stimulant. 

Many times throughout the show séances take place and the antagonist, Sophia von Szapary (Anja Kling), uses Tarot cards. Taltos also seems to come up, which in Hungarian mythology is a person born with supernatural powers, almost like a shaman. 

Fleur Salome (Ella Rumpf) seems to be that Taltos, but it could also be a demon that is controlling her. Sophia constantly has Fleur in a trance to control that demon for evil. 

Sophia could be that demon that Freud and Fleur are after, or she is just a person who uses witchcraft to accomplish her goal. Either way there is some demonic stuff going on. 

Fleur teams up with Freud (Robert Finster) to solve the crimes taking place. Rumpf does an excellent job in portraying her character as there are a lot of mental challenges that Fleur faces with hypnotic trances and seizures. 

There are many murders that take place throughout the show and they make the show gorey, but if someone can handle some blood and queasiness, then this show could be a good watch. 

Though it is a fictional story based on Freud, there are still some things that are true. Freud was a neurologist, he did work with hypnosis, and he used psychoanalysis — in fact he is the founder of psychoanalysis. 

He, however, was not a crime solving neurologist and he was not successful with hypnosis as the show portrays.

The worst parts of the show were when Fleur would be sucked into the séances and run after Freud to re-enter the state she was in during the séance. Those images were disturbing to the eyes. People covered in blood committing the murders naked. There was no point in having the audience sit through that discomfort. 

Overall the show is four out of five stars. The story is there, but the uncomfortableness brings it down a little.