Review: “Face the Music: A Life Exposed” by Paul Stanley

Marina Gonzalez, News Editor

Rock n Roll legend Paul Stanley opens up about his life, a career as a rock star, and journey through personal struggles in his autobiography “Face the Music: A Life Exposed.”
This is a very inspiring and compelling book because he went through many obstacles in his life but found ways to overcome them.
Originally from Queens, New York, Stanley was born with an ear deformity called a microtia, which is a malformed ear, and was deaf on his right side. As a child, he suffered from bullying and felt like an outcast from other people because of his ear.
Stanley did not receive much support from his parents about his problems, which was surprising because parents should always support their children and help them with their struggles.
Despite his difficult childhood, he discovered music and eventually realized that he wanted to become a famous rock star when he grew up. He would later meet Gene Simmons in 1972, and the two decided to form their band called KISS, along with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.
As KISS became a popular band and made dozens of big albums over the years, Stanley realized that he accomplished his goal of becoming a rich and famous musician, but felt lonely and unhappy in his personal life.
Stanley explained very clearly and concisely how he did not have much to go home to and did not have many friends because of his ear deformity.
Those who only know about his rock career will be surprised to learn that Stanley starred in the play “Phantom of the Opera.”
During that time performing in the play, he met a woman who worked for an organization called About Face, which supports people with facial differences.
He would make a big change in his life by speaking to a group of children and parents and opening up about his ear deformity. He later became an advocate for About Face and gave great advice to children about how they should not live in misery because of their facial difference like he did.
This experience he shared was mind-blowing because he felt a change within himself. He felt like he healed himself from all misery he was holding on to for years by helping others, which is very inspiring.
Another interesting thing to learn about Stanley in his book was that he is also a well-accomplished painter. It was interesting because he discovered a new talent, he didn’t know he had, and painting helped him get through a difficult moment after going through a difficult divorce with his first wife.
The one moment in the book that was breathtaking was when Stanley married his wife Erin, who has been very supportive of him and became a father of four children. Becoming a husband and father brought happiness into his life, which is an incredible transformation.
Even though Paul came from a difficult background and went through many personal struggles during his career, he found happiness in his life and became a giving, inspiring person for his fans and family.
Five out of five stars