Is Crumbl worth the dough?


Sydney McClanahan

The cookies from Crumbl Cookies, located on Stockdale Highway has four specialty flavors: Warm Biscoff, Lemon Glaze, Reese’s Peanut Butter Chip and Confetti Cake.

Sydney McClanahan, Reporter

Located on Stockdale Highway, Crumbl Cookies is the sweet new addition to Bakersfield.
The chain cookie company made its mark in town earlier this month with its weekly rotating menu of cookies along with their Crumbl Cream ice cream selection.
There are a handful of locations here in California, but my friend and I had never been and wanted to try it out.
When you step inside, you’re immediately greeted by all of the staff and hit with the smell of fresh cookies. It was very crowded with a line out the door but rest assured standard COVID-19 guidelines were being followed.
The selection consisted of six cookies; warm Biscoff, Reese’s peanut butter chip, lemon glaze, confetti cake, chilled sugar, and milk chocolate chip. We decided to skip the two classics, chilled sugar, and milk chocolate chip, and get the four specialties. Unfortunately, all the ice cream was out so we weren’t able to try any.
You have the option of getting a single cookie for $4, a Crumbl box of four for $13, and a party box of a dozen for $33. They only have six cookies weekly, so it was disappointing to find out there was no half dozen box option, especially with how high the prices are.
We only waited about five minutes for our cookies to come out. They were warm, looked amazing, and much bigger than the size of an average cookie. When we tried them, however, it was underwhelming.
Though the cookies are a generous size, for my friend and I, it lacked in flavor for the price. It seemed as though you’re paying for the size of the cookie rather than the actual quality.
We both agreed the best flavor out of the four was Reese’s peanut butter chip. It was moist compared to the others and had a much better flavor, but still was not very mind-blowing to us.
The lemon glaze as well as the warm Biscoff were both dry and a little tough to eat, but my least favorite was the confetti cake flavor. The frosting was very rich and too sweet for my liking.
Overall, I prefer local places like Sweet Surrender or Smith bakery over Crumbl. I wouldn’t mind going back eventually to try the Crumbl cream and some new flavors to come, but with the size and price of the cookies, it will not be somewhere I visit frequently.
Rated 2.5/5