‘Justice League Dark: Apokolips War’ is a great way to end the universe *spoiler*

Logan Odneal, Reporter

Warner Brothers Animation released Justice League Dark: Apokolips War on DC’s streaming service “DC Universe” in the summer of 2020. Apokolips War is the fifteenth and final film in the DC animated movie universe.
The movie starts with Superman telling the Justice League that the villain Darkseid was plotting an attack on earth and rousing the league to mount a full-scale attack on Darkseid’s planet Apokolips.
The attack goes about as well a screen door on a submarine. Superman is stripped of his powers and exiled to earth, Batman is brainwashed and manages Apokolips. A few other league members are transformed into brainwashed cyborg warriors, almost everyone else died.
It then cuts to a pub. Two years after the massacre and invasion of earth. Depowered Superman and the Teen Titan Raven recruiting the Justice League deserter John Constantine in order to find Batman’s son Damien Wayne.
Once they have Damien Wayne the heroes rally some help in the form of the Suicide Squad in order to gain control of a teleportation device in Lexcorp tower.
The Suicide Squad gets the heroes to the teleporter and gets the heroes to Apokolips and die Shortly after guarding the portal.
On Apokolips the group finds the Flash running on a treadmill that powers the planet, then have an encounter with Darkseid and Batman. Damien Wayne was able to break Batman from his brainwashing when he sacrificed himself.
Raven loses control and her demon father Trigon is freed from her psychic prison and in his reincarnation fights Darkseid to a stalemate. During the fight, the heroes trigger a transporter to take Trigon and Darkseid into a nameless void.
The movie finally ends with Constantine convincing Flash to reset the timeline and create another flashpoint
This is not a standalone movie. In order to understand parts of the movie, you would need to see a few other previously released movies or already know the DC universe. I have watched most of the movies over the years, so I had no problem following the plot.
Although it was sad watching many of my favorite characters die, I liked that the movie studio is not scared to kill off its main characters to make a good story. I also think universe reset was the perfect way to end the series and set up a new one.
Luckily for us fans Warner Brothers is creating a new animated movie universe starting with Superman: Man of Tomorrow released Aug 23, 2020