Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty is perfect for darker skin tones


Joselyn Green

Products from Selena Gomez’s new makeup line Rare Beauty.

Joselyn Green, Reporter

Selena Gomez has created her own makeup line called Rare Beauty.
According to an article on Billboard, Rare Beauty released on Sept.3. The product was $30 for the foundation and the concealer.
I had a few worries about trying this product out. My main worried were what if it does not work or look good on a darker skin tone. So, trying this product was important to me. This makeup is sold at Sephora and is advertised as soon as you walk in the door. The workers even worn shirts with the Rare Beauty logo.
When it came to applying the makeup, it went on smoothly. When it came to blending it in with my makeup brushes, it blended right into my skin tone. It was crazy that it looked like my skin tone.
When the Sephora worker opened different makeup tones to decide which was my shade, they looked a little lighter than my usual shade. But as soon as I put it on it was the perfect match.
This makeup did not leave an oily look on my face after applying, but it also did not dry leave my face.
Overall, I was really impressed with this new product. After trying it, I realized I have a lot of other unnecessary makeup that I will be getting rid of and Rare Beauty will be getting added to my collection.
Some would assume “oh it’s just like any other makeup” but to me it not. I wanted to try it because it was made by Selena Gomez. Someone who I personally love because I grew up watching her on TV. So, it was perfect to see she is trying new things with her brand. Gomez makeup line included lip gloss, her own beauty blenders to blend your makeup smoothly and flawlessly. There is also a liquid eyeliner, it’s matte to give you the professional look you’re going for. Gomez is also selling makeup brushes and a puff glowing powder kit that looks really nice.
What I really like about Gomez’s makeup line is that it gives a mature teenage or young adult looked based on the packaging.