“Unpregnant” shows a new perspective of abortion than other films

Selena Paiz, Reporter

HBO max released a new movie called “Unpregnant” directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg on Sept. 10. The movie told the struggles of a girl who was pregnant in high school in the south of America and wanted to have an abortion.
The movie talked about the topic of abortion in a very educational and casual way. It also told the story of how scary it can be to be pregnant at such a young age, but also how hard it is to get an abortion in Missouri at such a young age if you do not want people to know.
While it had the typical people telling Veronica Clarke, played by Haley Lu Richardson, that everything was going to be okay if she had a baby. She decided it was not what she wanted for herself.
She embarked on a trip to go down to New Mexico to go and get an abortion.
While figuring out that she was pregnant she dropped the pregnancy test and it was picked up by her old childhood best friend Bailey Butler, who is played by Barbie Ferreira.
These two characters are very opposite from each other, but Veronica decided to ask her for help to get to New Mexico.
It was very touching that a story like this brought two unlikely people together, but it also showed the dark side of the people who try and stop people from having an abortion. If anything, the movie depicted it as cult-like and a nuisance.
The movie had a part that tells the process of an abortion which was very educational and shows how simple it can be overall. Also, it showed how it does not have to be a scary thing.
It shows how life-changing it can be. Whether pregnant and carrying to full term or pregnant and getting an abortion, it is life-changing either way. There is a whole process of accepting the decision that anyone makes, and those people who are making that decision need people there for them.
This movie really showed a new light on this situation. If anything, it was something that has not been done before. Other movies showed abortion as a scary and heart-breaking situation. This movie showed it in a way that was very educational and heartwarming that leaves you rooting for Veronica at the end.