Best Halloween movies to watch during quarantine

Mark Armendariz-Gonzales, Reporter

Spooky season has finally arrived, so here are the must-watch Halloween themed films to enjoy with family and friends while you quarantine.
Although COVID-19 has stopped many Halloween activities this year, you can always enjoy a movie marathon with a few family and friends. So, grab your candy and popcorn and get ready for the best movie recommendations for this Halloween season.
Disney’s 1993 film “Hocus Pocus” is the perfect film to enjoy with the whole family this Halloween season.
The films centers on a group of kids as they accidentally unleash a trio of child hungry witches on Halloween night, it is up to the kids to do everything possible to stop the witches from taking over their town.
The film stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as the villainous trio of witches known as the Sanderson sisters.
The film is filled with comedy from beginning to end. Although it is a but scary, it is not too scary for younger audiences.
The acting in the film is also very good, with Midler, Parker, and Najimy being the standouts. You can really tell that they gave a lot to their roles and just had fun with it.
“Hocus Pocus” has something in it for everyone, and is definitely the number one family film to enjoy this spooky season.
The 2007 anthology horror film “Trick ‘r Treat” is another must watch to get into the Halloween spirit this year.
Although it was not a big hit upon its release, the film became a cult classic in recent years.
The film takes place in a small town on Halloween night and consists of five horrific stories that connect with one another. Each story brings its own new and original take on a different type of terror.
The film stars Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, and Brian Cox.
The highlight of the film has got to be its great script. Each of the five stories are very nostalgic and unique, and exudes the atmosphere of a campfire ghost story.
The film is also a bit of a dark comedy, there are times where you will laugh at certain things but don’t be mistaken the scares are plentiful.
If you are gonna watch any film this spooky season, there is no way you can miss out on the 1978 horror classic “Halloween.”
This movie is an absolute must-watch film for this time of year, and is the king of slasher films.
The film follows the psychotic killer Michael Myers as he escapes a mental hospital and goes on a killing spree on Halloween night.
The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, and Kyle Richards.
John Carpenter’s soundtrack itself is a character in the movie, and every time it starts playing, the atmosphere of the scene becomes completely sinister.
Curtis’s performance is also outstanding. Whenever she is in danger in the movie, you will feel her fear.
The character of Michael Myers is also very terrifying. He kills without expression, but his body movements are very creepy.
Even though “Halloween” was filmed in the 70’s, the film still holds up to this day with its great story, wonderful score, and it’s frightening killer.