Emily in Paris: The Millennial Dream

Hector Morales, Reporter

Netflix has been on roll with releasing its original TV shows. There have been many fan favorites without a doubt, but the newest series that has many Netflix viewers abuzz is Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris is a story about a young woman who leaves her comfortable life in America to work in a marketing term in the city of Paris.

When we are first introduced to Emily, she had a job in a marketing firm in Chicago then was sent off to Paris, in the first seven minutes, for a new position in the city. My problem here was that Emily was just thrown to us and as viewers barely got to know Emily’s personality or her life that she is leaving behind in Paris.

Emily knew she was going to Paris and did not even bother to learn French. This was a major turn off to viewers as Emily expected everyone in the Paris office to know English, which gave off a bit of self-entitlement.

Emily not knowing the language did lead to funny moments where she was being yelled at in French. Emily decided to take a French class in the first few episodes

We also must talk about how Emily did not seem to try to make friends and certain characters, such as Mindy and Gabrielle, tend to find her. This really played up the fantasy and dream that Paris is the city that can make all your dreams come true.

One strange aspect of the show was Emily’s social media presence. Emily first started with under 100 followers on her Instagram account, which also had the handle name emilyinparis. She usually took pictures of random objects and posted cringe captions along with them. She suddenly gained many followers for these posts, which was not too realistic.

Emily was later invited to an influencer lunch in, she had 20,000 followers at this point in the series, and was noticed by the CEO of the brand Duree by posting a video of herself behind a vine wall that has berries and says “ Duree is smudge-proof, even when you’re berry hungry”.
This was shocking to the other attendees since they all had a bigger following than Emily.

All in all, Emily in Paris was a millennial fantasy about living in Paris and being successful without putting forth the work and effort in it. The show was not bad at all, it had me laughing at certain parts and left the viewers with a major cliffhanger in the final episode.

If you do end up watching this show, just know there were many sexual and explicit scenes in the series as well.