Rainbow 6 siege operator Tachanaka receives rework


Logan Odneal

Tachanka at his turret from side.

Logan Odneal, Reporter

Video game company Ubisoft announced on Twitch that “Rainbow Six Siege” Russian operator Tachanka will receive a rework on Oct. 7.
The announcement video was followed by an hour and a half of gameplay showcasing the changes made.
“Rainbow Six Siege” is a competitive tactical shooter featuring teams of five versus five choosing from a pool of operators each having their own weapon load-outs and unique gadgets. The operators available to pick from come from many countries from around the world.
After years of seeing little competitive play due to his playstyle, Ubisoft made changes to the Tachanka’s kit and changed his gadget. He formerly had a mounted light machine gun, which made him unpopular on the competitive scene because it’s stationary and the maps are almost entirely destructible making him an easy target.
His weapon loadout has been changed. Instead of the Russian semi-automatic shotgun, he now carries his light machine gun as his primary weapon. His gadget has been changed from the mounted gun to the Shumika incendiary grenade launcher.
The developers expect the grenade launcher to be used for area denial as the fire started by one round of the Shumika envelops a single door or window.
In addition to the new grenade launcher, Tachanka has been given Polish Operator Zofia’s withstand passive, which allows the player to return from a downed state with significantly reduce health.
The new Tachanka is already on the official test servers and will be in the main game before the end of the season.