Op-Ed: The Mexican pop group RBD are making a comeback after 12 years

Hector Morales, Reporter

Back in 2004, the Mexican pop group, RBD, made their television debut on the telenovela Rebelde. The band sang songs for the show and released an album of the same name. The band quickly rose to fame and the band members consisted of Anahi, Dulce Maria, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Alfonso Herrera, and Christopher von Uckerman.
RBD’s most popular album releases include: Rebelde, Nuestro Amor, Celestial, and Empezar Desde Cero. The band went on to tour worldwide and performed in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The band even released an English album of the title Rebels. After 6 years of world tours, sold-out shows, and hit singles, the band unfortunately broke up in the year 2009.
Fans were very hopeful of the band’s return for a very long time. The bandmates were silent about their return and never teased one until everything changed on September third of this year.
RBD’s music was finally released on the music app, Spotify and it was clear that fans still held the band close to their hearts. Spotify features a playlist named This Is RBD which features the band’s most popular songs. According to the website, web24.news, the number of streams of the playlist beat the popular K-Pop band, BTS. That wasn’t the only exciting news this year.
After 12 years since RBD’s last concert, RBD announced that they were reuniting for a virtual world tour. Band member, Anahi announced their comeback in mid-September a couple of weeks after their music was released on Spotify.
Sadly, two members of RBD will not be able to perform. According to the Las Estrellas, Christian Chavez logged onto his Instagram live and stated that two members, Dulce Maria and Alfonso Herrera, will not be performing with them. It is stated in a Fronteavivar.com, that Herrera is too focused on his acting career while Dulce Maria is pregnant and will have given birth by or before the time of the concert.
Fans will be able to be a part of this concert by submitting a personal video when they purchase a ticket. General tickets are $35 and the concert will last a total of six hours. The concert will open by showing all of the videos RBD fans have submitted. The concert will begin at 8:00 am pscific standard time, on 26 Dec.