Op-ed: Benefits of music to mental health

Marina Gonzalez, News Editor

Everywhere you go, you see many people wearing their headphones because they are listening to their music. However, some might wonder, why do people listen to their music all the time?
According to the Very Well Mind website, listening to music can improve performance, reduce stress, improve memory, provide motivation, and more.
Listening to music is a great way to reduce stress from the mind whenever a person is feeling overwhelmed or help guide mental focus on something such as studying or exercising.
Many college students are wearing their headphones and listening to their music whenever they are doing homework or studying for tests because it helps them stay focused.
I like listening to music when I’m doing homework or studying for tests because it helps me stay focused on getting my assignments done and memorize material for the tests. However, I only listen to music that will not distract me or keep me out of focus.
The website also mentioned that musically trained students listen to neutral music, which is smooth, calming music because it is less distracting and easy to ignore.
The music I listen to when I’m studying is either mediation, Christian, or Native American flute music because these pieces are very calming, neutral, and relaxing to my mind, and they help me focus.
According to the Health Line website, music can be beneficial to mental health in many ways such as reducing depression, lowering anxiety, decreasing fatigue, and boosting exercise performance.
When people are feeling depressed or anxious, they may want to listen to their music to help take their minds off of what they are thinking. When people want to work out, they listen to music to help them stay focused on their performance and help give them the energy to perform.
I also listen to music when I’m exercising because it helps me stay focused when I’m working my way through the entire workout, and it helps me perform well. The music I listen to is a mix of different rock music because it makes me feel strong and empowered when I work out and the beat of the music helps with exercise.
Music therapy is something that people can incorporate into their daily lives whenever they are feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed. It is a good way to help tune out the things that are on your mind and help you focus on getting things done and accomplished.