Mandalorian season two shows great promise *SPOILERS*

Logan Odneal, Reporter

The second season of The Mandalorian released on Disney Plus brought fresh new Star Wars content. The new episode stepped further into the realm of sci fi western, it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air. The traditional two-hour epic battle between good and evil has gotten tiresome.
The episode started with a quest to return Baby Yoda to his kind. Mando seeks to find the hidden Mandalorian clans to find Baby Yoda’s home planet. On his quest, he finds an information broker who tells him that there is a Mandalorian on Tatooine. After arriving on Tatooine Mando discovers that the settlement he was told the Mandalorian resides in has been abandoned.
Upon arriving he discovered that people still live there and the Mandalorian isn’t a Mandalorian at all. Once upon a time the settlement was attacked, and the Marshall ran away with some crystals. After collapsing in the desert, the Marshall was picked up by the Jawa’s and he traded the crystals for the abandoned armor of Boba Fett, then he returned to the settlement, chased of the raiders and protects the town.
Mandalorian law dictates Mando take the armor back from the non-Mandalorian Marshall, but to avoid a fight the Marshall strikes up a deal with Mando to give back the armor in exchange for help killing the Krayt Dragon.
Mando and Marshall leave the settlement to go to the Krayt dragon’s cave, on the journey they encounter a group of Tusken Raiders who also want the Krayt dragon dead. After tempers flare the groups arrive at the cave and Mando realizes they need more people to kill the beast.
He and Marshall return to the settlement and tell the people that they need their help to which they enthusiastically agreed, then reluctantly agreed when they found out about the having to work with the Tusken Raiders who their settlement years ago.
The settlers agreed that the Tuskens get to keep the Krayt dragons’ remains in return they promised attack the settlement unless the settlement attacks them.
They agreed on a plan to kill the dragon, they bury explosives at the mouth of the cave and lure the dragon out just enough to expose its soft underbelly to the bombs. It doesn’t work and the Krayt dragon spews acid on to the militia. After a few minutes of this Mando takes the Bantha loaded with explosives and positions himself between everyone and dragon. The Krayt dragon swallows Mando and the Bantha. Then dives beneath the sand.
When it resurfaces Mando flies out of his mouth in a storm of electricity from his rifle mounted shock prod and detonates the explosive the Kyrat dragon swallowed. After the battle Tuskens find the mythical Krayt pearl and Mando returns to his ship with Boba Fett’s armor in search of more Mandalorian.
The episode stayed with the season one format of a single adventure per episode with later relevance revealed as the series progresses. The Mandalorian season one was free of experienced force users however that is likely to change with the first live action appearance of Ahsoka Tano later in season two. Season two is adding content that one would require previous universe knowledge including a last minute easter egg. The easter egg may leave legends fans disappointed with what has become of a fan favorite original trilogy character.