Review: “Freaky” is a great movie for fans of comedy and horror

Mark Armendariz-Gonzales, Reporter

Blumhouse Production’s latest film “Freaky” is a body swap horror comedy that was released on Nov. 13.
Writer and director, Christopher Landon, adapt the classic story of “Freaky Friday,” but this time with a dark twist.
“Freaky” follows a girl named Millie, who dreams of being noticed by the popular boy at school. Sadly, the only attention she is getting is from the school’s mean girls.
Everything changes one night though when Millie is attacked by a local serial killer known as Blissfield Butcher after a high school football game.
To Millie’s surprise though she does not die, instead she wakes up the next morning in the Butcher’s body.
Millie is now on the run for the police, while the butcher is causing havoc all over town in Millie’s body.
It is now up to Millie and her friends to stop the butcher at all costs and figure out a way to reverse the curse.
The film stars Kathryn Newton, Vince Vaughn, Uriah Shelton, and Misha Osherovich.
The script for the film was both new and nostalgic.
The movie’s atmosphere felt like a throwback tribute to slasher movies of the ’80s like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th.” This is something horror fans will definitely love and appreciate.
At the same time, the film is not afraid to be new and different and used present-day elements to benefit the story.
The mixture of comedy and horror blend perfectly in the film. Landon can find the perfect balance between the two without making the movie too scary or funny.
The overall attitude of the film is very reminiscent of Landon’s previous Blumhouse Productions film “Happy Death Day.”
The deaths in the film are murders that horror fans can only dream of. All the deaths in the film were very creative and gruesome but also very comical.
Anything and everything is game to be a murder weapon in this film. The film uses a wide range of weapons from a cryotherapy chamber to a table saw to even a toilet.
The acting was hit and miss throughout the film.
Newton who played Millie in the film was good, but her performance was a bit dull. Her performance felt more like a supporting character than a lead in the movie.
Vaughn was hysterical in the film and quite menacing when the story called for it.
The only issue with Vaughn’s performance is that his performance as Millie did not add up with Newton’s portrayal of the character. Newton played the character more like a shy and timid girl while Vaughn played her as a super girly teen who says “OMG” way too much.
In a way, it feels like Vaughn mimicked Jack Black’s performance as a teen girl in the “Jumanji” movies.
The standout of the film has got to be Osherovich, who gives a very funny performance as Millie’s gay best friend.
“Freaky” was a fun and unique take on a classic story and even though it falls flat at certain times, it is an overall good time for any moviegoer.