Bad Bunny, El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio also known as Bad Bunny dropped his fifth consecutive album ‘El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo’ on Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, and possibly his last!
This also Benito’s third time dropping an album this year of 2020 which we are all so thankful for since 2020 has been rough, but Benito has done his best to help his fans through his music.
Three amazing albums in one year! It’s still so hard to wrap my head around the concept, but with those three global top albums, he released Bad Bunny was awarded the No. 1 biggest streamed artist in 2020.
‘El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo’ also debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 which is Benito’s first No. 1 album, and it’s the first time an all-Spanish-language album reaches the top. ‘Dakiti’ his mega-hit and the album’s single debuted No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs Chart and currently logs on its second week on No. 1.
The 16-song album might be Bad Bunny’s last since he has expressed his desire to retire, which we all hope is not true because what is this world without Bad Bunny…
This new album slightly stands out from the rest I may say. ‘El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo’ is more sentimental, more chill, the kind of something to lay in bed and listen to in your room.
In a recent interview, Bad Bunny said “I laugh because people told me I kept releasing perreo at a time when people couldn’t go out and party and I said ‘Ok. Now you can’t complain,”. This is an album for you to stay at the home, chill, and have a glass of wine which is actually Benito’s favorite drink.
The semi-truck on Bad Bunny’s album cover ‘El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo’ is a special symbol to him personally since Benito’s father, uncles, and grandfather are truck drivers. He said he personally loves truck’s and that same one will be his tour truck.
‘El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo’ is a really magical album and I hope Bad Bunny knows how much his fans love and appreciate everything he did for us this year. This may sound dramatic, but 2020 went into a whole different and ugly direction, without Bad Bunny’s new music, who knows what we would have done.
“Everything I say rocks. Everything I say sounds excellent,” he says, and he is not wrong one bit. Bad Bunny, thank you for saving us this year in ways you can’t even imagine.