Op-Ed: Yoga is the best alternative for heavy exercise

Jimmy Aleman, Reporter

Many of us believe the only way to feel good about your health is through heavy physical training but have you ever considered yoga as an alternative? As we all know physical training can be draining and difficult to perform. Some students don’t have the time to push through a workout due to high-stress levels. Those reasons and many more reasons make one feel unmotivated or restless but not with yoga.
Yoga is truly the ultimate game-changer when it comes to feeling great inside and out. It’s a simple form of physical and mental training that anyone can do. To encourage students and people of all kinds about the benefits of yoga, Tina Cummings Professor in Health and Physical; Director, Aquatics shared with us her beliefs. Cummings is a strong believer that yoga can improve our strength, balance, and flexibility significantly.
Yoga is something we all need to function in productivity. Cummings further shares that yoga can help as pain relief, ease arthritis symptoms, maintains a balanced metabolism, cardio, and circulatory health, relaxes the body and mind, and more. If any of these benefits apply to you, I would say yes to yoga as an alternative form of exercise. Let your daily life burst with energy and balance.
Ever thought about trying something fun, creative, and new with your partner? Cummings introduced us to acro yoga which is the perfect way to bond with your partner, and explore new fitness moves. The best part is that it can be done from the comfort of your home, making the connection twice as strong with your partner. Just let go of the worries in this world and climb to climax relaxation.
Furthermore, Cummings shares with us how there is also prenatal yoga class especially for soon to be mothers. Providing a more confident, relaxing, birth-giving experience. So any mother out there looking for a way to be energized and balance their life should consider tapping into a prenatal yoga class.
Ultimately, any form of physical training is good since we all share different interests. Some students might feel better off taking laps around the track and others might feel healthier by doing hardcore outdoor workouts. As for Cummings (Bakersfield College Professor in health and physical) believes “The great thing is there is something for everyone no matter what your fitness level, abilities, age, gender or spiritual beliefs.
There is a yoga class for you.” Great to know yoga can contribute to our well being no matter who you are. We all have different outlooks on what it is to feel physically and mentally healthy but it is up to one to figure out what best fits us.