Review: Why fans should listen to Ariana Grande’s Positions deluxe album

Saioa Laverty , Reporter

World-renowned musician, Ariana Grande, has released a deluxe version to her newest album “Positions” on Feb. 19. The album consists of the 14 songs on the original album along with five new songs; “someone like u (interlude)”, “test drive”, “worst behavior”, “main thing”, and a remix to a hit from the album “34+35” which features rappers Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion.

The first edition, “someone like u (interlude)” is a short song that serves as an introduction to the deluxe album. In the song, Ariana Grande expresses that her new love interest is someone she’s always been waiting for. Grande’s main intention with the song is to give listeners a clue as to what the tone for the new songs will be.

The next song is the “34+35” Remix ft Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. The remix is a great twist to the original song. Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion add an element of rap/RnB which is super popular in the music industry today, and fits very well with the original song.

Grande’s next edition “test drive” is about how she is secure in the relationship she is in and how she knows she is with the right person. It follows the message that is laid out by the first song. This song is fast and upbeat. It sounds like a song that you would expect to hear on the radio. The tune and lyrics are very catchy and get easily stuck in your head.

In the song “worst behavior”, Grande expresses herself in a bit of a different light. This song is about her being rebellious and doing things for her own sake. She is living unapologetically and being her authentic self. This is another song that I would expect to hear on the radio. Women in the music industry are often shamed out of singing about certain things and I applaud Grande for singing about what she wants regardless of the possibility of scrutiny.

The last edition to the album, and my personal favorite, is the song “main thing”. This song follows the trend of the others, it is about her partner and how they are unlike any partner she has ever had. I like this song best because her vocals and the lyrics in the song are very beautiful. Grande hits a range of notes in the song which is very impressive. The song is somewhat of a ballad but has a bit more upbeat pop elements which makes it equally catchy and moving.

If you enjoy pop music this album is one that you absolutely need to listen to. This album is a wonderful representation of Ariana Grande’s growth as a person and artist. The Positions album tells a beautiful story about love and growth, and the deluxe songs were an excellent addition to this story that brought the album to a whole new level.