“Synchronic” a movie fit for background noise

Brisa Flores, Reporter

The film “Synchronic” (2020) is another sci-fi horror film that involves drugs and time travel but combines them into one.

The film was directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who are both known to dwell in the horror and sci-fi genre of filmmaking. 

The film does include some images that may be triggering for people, such as drug use, alcohol, gore, blood, and racism. 

“Synchronic” (2020) follows the stories of Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan). They are paramedics living in New Orleans and encounter unusual deaths caused by a new drug called synchronic. The drug causes the user to time travel to a random time in the past.

Dennis’s (Jamie Dornan) daughter, Brianna (Ally Ioannides), takes the drug herself and goes missing. Steve (Anthony Mackie) takes the drug himself to see what happens when he takes the drug and takes a trip or two when he does.

The concept for the movie was interesting and not one usually seen in the sci-fi world. Still, sadly, the film did not live up to expectations. For a movie that is supposed to fall in both the sci-fi and horror genres, the film strays far from the horror genre. 

The film has the gore aspects that fall in the horror genre, but not so much the fear one feels when watching horror movies.

The first half of the film was very slow-paced and picked up much later in the movie. The performances of the actors make up for it and make their characters enjoyable.

The cinematography was one of the things the film did right in some areas.

The film did have the classic dusty orange tint overlay throughout the film and low lighting since most of the film took place at night.

The camera work was the cherry on top and made up for the film. The camera shots were phenomenal and different angles and types of camera shots were wisely used and nicely edited. 

The film overall was not what one expects it to be. “Synchronic” (2020) is a film one should watch at least once, and it also makes for good background noise.