Bakersfield’s hottest new coffee place is high in quality, and suitable in price

Bakersfield Roasting Company is located at 6501 Schirra Court in Southwest Bakersfield.

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Senior Digital Editor

The Bakersfield Roasting Company is the hottest new coffee place in town! Located at 6501 Schirra Court in Southwest Bakersfield. It’s the perfect place to go for a quick coffee run.

As someone who drinks about three cups of coffee a day just to stay awake, this new coffee shop had a great first impression. They have a variety of flavors and coffee options that can be a little overwhelming if you have not taken a look at their menu before. 

Bakersfield Roasting Co.’s menu consists of their house favorites like caramel lattes, espresso, and brewed coffee with the choice of iced or hot. Other delights include Italian soda, house mocha, and 12oz or 1lb purchasable coffee bags to make at home. They also have coffee brewers, plus branded apparel like t-shirts and aprons. 

An interesting detail that caught my attention about this coffee shop is they have a huge coffee bean roasting machine right as you walk in by their main entrance. Most coffee shops do not typically have this type of machinery out in the open which makes the shop unique. 

The Bakersfield Roasting Co. roast their coffee beans in-house every Tuesday. Any day of the week is great to stop by and grab a cup of coffee and your choice from many of their baked goods. 

When it came down to taste their coffee I was impressed with my order, the flavor of their iced cold brew with a dash of almond milk was just what I needed before the busy day ahead. My iced coffee went great with the taste of their cinnamon roll that is served with a side of cream cheese frosting.

You will not only love the quality, you will love the price. A 16oz cold brew coffee with almond milk is priced at $3.25 which is almost equivalent to a grande vanilla sweet cream cold brew at Starbucks for $4.25. Think about it,  you can put that extra dollar towards your next cup of coffee at Bakersfield Roasting Co.

Another cool thing about this coffee place is that they are partnered with the non-profit organization “Pay It Forward” and when purchasing a cup of their “feel good” coffee they give a less fortunate a cup of coffee for free.

As someone who enjoys black coffee over the excessively sweetened kind that most coffee shops offer, this new coffee place is one of my top three coffee shops in town.