It’s a murder mystery party with Only Murders in the Building

Hugo Maldonado Garcia, Senior Digital Editor

“Only Murders in the Building” is a Hulu original series that premiered on Aug. 31. The TV show stars international actress and superstar, Selena Gomez who is best known for her work in the animated film franchise “Hotel Transylvania” stars as Mabel Mora, alongside newcomer Aaron Dominguez as Oscar. Comedy legends such as Steve Martin from “Father of the Bride” “The Pink Panther” & “Cheaper by the Dozen” is Charles Haden-Savage and Martin Short from films like “Three Amigos!” and “The Santa Clause: The Escape Clause” is the uncanny Oliver Putnam. 

“Only Murders in the Building” comes from the minds of Steve Martin, Dan Fogelman & John Hoffman. When the death of Tim Kono, a building neighbor, takes place inside their Upper West Side apartment building, the trio suspect false play. With their knowledge of listening to murder mystery podcasts, they decide to create their own titled “Only Murders in the Building,” to investigate and collect clues to uncover the truth about Kono’s death. 

The show is a refreshing take on the outcome of what happens when comedy clashes with the murder mystery and crime genre. As someone who has been watching Selena Gomez’s career since their childhood, it is pleasing to see how Gomez is spontaneous, witty, and taken seriously in the way she portrays Mabel.

 “Only Murders in the Building” is Gomez’s second hit tv show following the success of her Disney Channel original series “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which ran from 2007-2012 and accumulated four seasons.

The uncommon trio of actors are great in their own individual personalities,  I did not know we needed this type of content until I realized how great they work together! 

Catch new episodes of “Only Murders in the Building” streaming every Tuesday on Hulu.