“Brazen” is a killer murder mystery

Anthony Vasquez, Reporter

The movie “Brazen” was recently released on Netflix, and it is one of the many original movies that the streaming service exclusively has to offer. Based on the original novel, “Brazen Virtue” by Nora Roberts, it focuses on a murder mystery that the main character Grace Miller, who is played by Alyssa Milano left to solve.

The movie’s classic, yet intriguing theme of a murder mystery starts with Miller receiving a call from her sister Kathleen, played by Emilie Ullerup, to urgently visit her in their hometown in Washington D.C. She catches up with her sister and the movie begins to form details about the character’s backgrounds.

Not only does Miller catch up with her sister, but she also meets another interesting and significant character to the plot of the movie. One of the characters that Miller meets is D.C. Police Homicide Detective Ed Jennings, played by Samuel Page. The movie develops a love interest as the two characters begin to have a romantic interest in each other.

The movie begins to get intense when Miller discovers the first victim that was killed. It does a good job of creating an intense moment when Miller begins to panic as Milano’s acting is spot on with the setting of the scene, giving the effect of keeping viewers intensely hooked and curious to find out what happens next.

Miller takes on the mystery of the killer with the help of Jennings, as she believes she can use her knowledge of the mind of a killer, her character is bold and without shame which truly makes her live up to the movie’s title “Brazen.”

Just like any other good murder mystery, the movie also has its list of characters that can be considered suspects of who the killer could be. It is a classic “whodunit” with many turns and twists. Depending on the viewer’s eye of detail and theory, it can either be shocking or obvious on what the end of the movie brings to viewers. The movie is a good addition to Netflix’s list of original movies, and definitely worth a watch.